Happy Sunday, Psychos! We have a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for you… Please welcome friend of the show Liz Bentley to #EBPNation as she kicks off her special podcast, Feathers In My Hair. 

As another fantastic spinoff of Plz Advise, Liz is going to dive deep into the world of Teen Mom. Tune in to the first episode and listen to the juicy details about the show that has captivated audiences nationwide. Not only will Liz be discussing what’s on air, she’s also going to be spending time telling you about what happens off camera by digging into social media, police reports, and so much more.

So, how do you get more episodes of Feathers In My Hair? PATREON, BABY.

This episode is a peek into what’s to come. To get more episodes, you’ll need to be a Patreon supporter. We’ve created a special reward that will allow you access to the EBP Patreon exclusives, the once-a-month Google Hangout, AND Liz’s new podcast… all for only $5/month!

Get yourself over to the EBP and pledge today so you don’t miss out. Don’t forget to also join our v poppin’ Facebook group so you can discuss episodes and how your favorite reality television shows make you feel.


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