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This is the podcast that dissects your favorite reality TV shows in a quest for self-improvement… or as we like to think of it, where displacement meets LOLs.


86: Manipulation Mailbag

Join us for more examples of manipulation as seen on reality television.


85: Molls Takes On Manipulation (Part 1)

We’re getting back to our roots this week, Psychos. Join Molls as she tackles manipulation as seen across the reality television landscape.


84: Something’s Not Right There

It’s time for Part 2 of Molls’ call with Liz Bentley on #PumpRules.


83: Don’t Let a Paul Brother Ruin Your Year

Warning: This episode features a discussion on suicide. Listener discretion is advised.


82: I Really Want Her to Go Home

Join us today for a discussion about #PumpRules, depression, and much more!


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Looking for Vanderpump Rules? Of course you are.

85: Molls Takes On Manipulation (Part 1)

We’re getting back to our roots this week, Psychos. Join Molls as she tackles manipulation as seen across the reality television landscape.

How about some Southern Charm?

65: We Are Not Here For Landon

Coordinating Producer Nicole Mathew and EBP father figure Ryan Bailey dissect the last season & first reunion episode of an EBP community fave: Southern Charm.

Fancy The Bachelor franchise?

34: A Reality Television Cornucopia

Happy Thanksgiving, Psychos! We have quite the spread for you on this lovely holiday: Molls recaps the top twelve reality television show moments for which she is most thankful.

For more shenanigans from the franchise, click one: The Bachelor | The Bachelorette | Bachelor in Paradise

Living for vintage reality television? Us too.

P32: Poor Branding Decisions (SoS Pt. 8)

Molls and Troy continue their Summer of Simpson journey by discussing how Ashlee could have been more open about some of her vocal issues, why Jennifer Aniston is Troy’s #1 arch nemesis, and Ashlee’s journey to becoming a bigger pop star.

Digging documentaries?

71: The Murder of Laci Peterson

Molls welcomes a very special Patreon guest, Michael Li Preti, to discuss the new A&E documentary, The Murder of Laci Peterson.

66: JT LeRoy with Liz & Maria

FIMH host Liz Bentley and friend of EBP Maria Marcano dive into a documentary that focuses on what is called one of the biggest literary hoaxes of all time.

59: Chasing Cameron

Molls is joined by another member of our v poppin’ Facebook Group, Liza Fisher, to chat about the Netflix Documentary, Chasing Cameron.

Wanna jump in the mail bag?

35: Just Keep Watching

Beat the back-to-work/post-Thanksgiving blues with your girl Molls and her special (returning) guest, Liz Bentley!

31: Sitting In A Walnut

Molls follows up on one of our most popular episodes “What Happened to JonBenét” by answering some emails and voicemails from listeners.


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"I'm a Psycho"

Love Molls and crew. I started with Plz Advise and now am hooked on EBP. Love the detailed dissection of the episodes; even better are the tangents that happen when Molls and guest do the deep dive analyses. Keep the great pods coming!

– Twin mom1217, March 10, 2017



"Big Fan"

Never knew how much I needed this podcast until it was here. It hits on why I love reality shows – examining the social/psychological factors. And I wish Feathers In My Hair had existed since the beginning of Teen Mom but so grateful to have it now!

– Courtneyblairs, March 9, 2017



"Perfect Pod"

The podcast I have always wanted. She validates watching and caring about reality television in a way I’ve never been able to communicate. So much thought and care seems to be put into the podcast and I truly appreciate it!

– Audlet, December 12, 2016



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