Molly and Feathers In My Hair host Liz Bentley get into more Teen Mom (and MLM shenanigans) and thoughts on Being Nathan. They dive into the fact he’s dating an addiction counselor (despite being an alcoholic), his abusive tendencies, and much more. Come back next Monday for Part 2!

Bonus: stick around to hear what Molls is dressing up as for Halloween!

At the top of the episode, Molls mentions the recent programming change for Patreon features. The Smush Room has been moved to Thursdays and it’s now available under the $1/month reward level so all y’all can enjoy the magical journey Troy McEady takes you on each week. With this change, the EBP bonus episodes are now going to be published twice a month and we’ll still host a hangout. To to get those eps & the invite to the hangout, you’ll need to donate at the $8/month level (or above). As always, thank you for your support! xoxo <3

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